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That's why we started Mighty

You didn't start a business to calculate tax or reconcile your bank statement. But we did.

You didn't start a business to calculate tax. But we did.

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A little about us

For the small and mighty

Running your own business is tough.

You have to win new clients, do all the work, and balance everyday life - the last thing you want to worry about is accounting.

Mighty makes accountancy quick, easy and affordable so you can focus on whatever it is that matters most to you.
Our story (so far)

Mighty was started with a healthy dose of hatred.

Hatred for how expensive, time consuming and confusing we found accounting to be.

As experienced freelancers ourselves, we had tried switching accountants multiple times, but always got the same result...

Expensive accountants that promise the world, but fail to deliver any added value.

Worse still, we had incredibly simple accounts and were the ones doing all the admin... What on earth were we paying them for?!

So we sat down and imagined what an a modern accountancy service would look like if we harnessed technology and only focused on people like ourselves.

We shared our idea for fun, but it spread like wildfire. Soon dozens of people were offering to pay us and asking us to build the real thing... so we did!

12 months later, we now have hundreds of freelancers, contractors and 'companies of one' using our platform.

It's amazing what a couple of freelancers can do. So here’s to the small and mighty.

We hope you join us on the journey!

James & Mark,
Co-founders of Mighty.

Our ownership & ethos

We're small, mighty and proud.

We don't chase venture capital or investors — we're customer-funded, customer-focussed and they're the only people we answer to.

We don't put hyper-growth on a pedestal. In fact, most of our new clients come from referrals which is all the proof we need that we're doing something right.

Mighty is run by Mark (developer & dad), James (consultant & dog dad), and our amazing team based across London, Liverpool and Cambridge.

We invest heavily to create best in class software and recruit outstanding accountants to help our customers save tax, time and stress.

Your success and satisfaction is all that matters to us. So if you'd ever like to chat, complain or share any suggestions reach out to our CEO directly via james@mightyaccounting.com or +44 07958 590 227.

We hope to hear from you soon.

We're focussed on freelancers

You will always be our top priority. We don't favour 'big clients' because we don't have any.
Tech enabled
Mighty automates all your accounting needs to save you money, time and tax
Focussed on you
Simple software designed freelancers with specialist advice you can easily apply
Tax compliance
Mighty handles all your tax so you can relax
Zero jargon
Clear reports and plain english explanations
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Tell us your problems

Your satisfaction deeply matters.

If you'd ever like to chat, complain or share any suggestions reach out to James (our CEO) directly via his personal email and mobile.

james@mightyaccounting.com or +44 7958 590 227.

(No spam, please).
Our team is your team

We're people people

Online doesn’t mean outsourced. Meet our amazing team!
We're growing fast!

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