How it works

Let your network know

Share your referral link and when anyone signs-up we’ll automatically know the referral came from you. 

You both get £100

When someone you refer signs up, you’ll receive a £100 Visa gift card and they get £100 off the total price in their first year.

Everything is automatic

We’ll email you the £100 visa gift card and your referral will automatically receive £100 off their Mighty subscription. 


How long does payment take after a referral signs up?

We will issue your £100 visa gift card after 14 days if your referral opts for yearly billing.

If your referral opts for monthly billing, they must stay with Mighty for 6 months before we can issue your £100 visa gift card. This protects us from any risk of scams.

What is the maximum I can earn for referring businesses to Mighty?

There’s no limit to how many small business owners you can refer to Mighty. You’ll receive a £100 Visa gift card for each referral that becomes a Mighty client.

How do you keep track of who I've referred?

All Mighty clients have a custom link that can be found on the referral page within the Mighty platform. This link is unique to you – copy and paste it anywhere to tell your friends about Mighty.

When someone clicks on your link and becomes a Mighty client, we’ll automatically credit you with a £100 Visa gift card and them with £100 off their yearly subscription.

Do I have to be a Mighty client to receive referral rewards?

If you’re not a Mighty client but want to benefit from referring customers to us, you can join our partner programme here. 

Any other questions?

No problem, email us at and we’ll be happy to help!

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